Artistically Relaxing

After a week or two of continuous out of town trips, I decided to make my second week of April different. 
I did some relaxing and artistic stuff the whole week (well, different for me.). 
(Photos taken and edited through Instagram)

Monday afternoon
April 9, 2012
The very hot weather made me go to our condominium's penthouse and swim alone. I don't usually do that because I'm really lazy most of the time. Here's a relaxing alone time for me.

VTR shoot
April 10, 2012
Aside from having our fail online enlistment (as always) on that day, I had to go to Trinoma for a VTR shoot for Sarah G. Live's new Globe dance craze.
As you can see, yes, I love make-up. 
For the VTR shoot, we had to look like a normal mall goer. 
I tried my best to look like a normal mall goer and be presentable at the same time. 
Here's my 'normal mall goer' make-up look. 
While this was my hairstyle for the shoot. My dream of shaving my head like Cher Lloyd's.
The shoot ended at around 3pm. Afterwards, I went straight to a meeting with my school's dance varsity.
It was a long tiring yet fun day for me. 
This is how much I love dancing. 

April 11, 2012
The Collective, Makati
The place was really filled with wow stuff for me. WOWOW!
I did not really expect it to look like that. Such a cool place. Two thumbs up!
Two words: 
Appreciate art
Finally got to try Wingman! Yummy! Too bad I wasn't that hungry. I'll definitely go back to eat there again.

Lolo's Birthday Celebration
April 12, 2012
Bellevue Phoenix Court
Funny how we talked about getting tattoos and which design to choose. 
I'm excited to get mine soon!
Meet my brother. He's all grown up now. Sad.

Mother and Daughter Day
April 13, 2012
SM Marikina
Before heading to rehearsals, I asked my mom to accompany me to the mall to buy some stuff for our show on Sunday. I'm really happy she bought me new shoes! 
Anyway, we went to BreadTalk to buy food for breakfast. I felt so happy when they gave us a slice of cake as a gift for their purchase 500 pesos promo.
A sweet afternoon for me!

ASAP Rehearsals
April 12-14, 2012
Right after my lolo's birthday dinner, I went straight to ABS-CBN to rehearse for ASAP.
with Erich Gonzales
Rafael Rossel
PBB's Tom Mott

ASAP Summer 2012 and ASAP VTR shoot
April 15, 2012
First photo ever with Enrique Gil :"> (Sorry for being such a fan girl at times. Hihi.)
Buscopan production

Another happy Sunday, Kapamilya!

 You may be wondering where are the relaxing and artistic things here.
I know it's weird but I find being busy and doing interesting things very relaxing. 
I enjoy trying out new things and going to new places. 
Alone time? The Collective? Graffiti? Make-up? VTR shoots? Dance? Tattoo talks? Being a fan girl?
Definitely different, relaxing, and artistic for me.


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