Su to the Zoo

I couldn't think of a better title for this blog post. So, my apologies for the "Su to the Zoo". LOL.
Family Summer Vacation
April 5-7, 2012
(Some photos were taken and edited through Instagram)

Day 1

Since we arrived Subic late already and there was nothing to do, my cousins and I just decided to drive around and drink.

Day 2
My lola and lolo are the sweetest
Tres Marias.
Max speed for me! I just love riding the Jet Ski alone. Feels great!
My cool lola driving the Jet Ski.

Day 3
First stop: Tree Top Adventure
We weren't able to try their different adventurous "rides" since there were too many people.  

Next stop: Zoobic Safari
Orientation room

Tour time!
My silly grandparents. I love them!
They call this the tram.
I've been wanting to go to  Zoobic Safari  because of their Tiger Safari. However, the ride was a bit disappointing. It was really different compared to how television shows showed the whole experience of riding the jeep with tigers going wild everywhere. Unfortunately, the tigers weren't wild AT ALL. Two were just sleeping while one of them just stood near the jeep to get food. I honestly expected them to go on top of the jeep and go wild.

Best ribs I've ever tasted!
Their dishes were expensive but definitely worth the pay.

Until our next trip!


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