Make A Wish: 11.11.11

Mara Payumo's 18th Birthday
(YES!She just turned 18)

November 11, 2011
Renaissance Condominium, Ortigas

There goes the debutant all excited for her legal life

(L-R: Jemmel Fortaleza, Amiel del Rosario, Robert de Guzman)
(L-R: Yuka Kuroyanagi, Regina Echavez, Roch de Mesa, Trish Yap)
Mobile bar games
(L-R: Yuka Koroyanagi, Roch de Mesa, Mitch Pormento, Mara Payumo, Carolyn Atienza)
Happy 3rd Anniversary Regina Echavez and Kouta Kutsuma!!!<3
Congratulations to the newest couple, Kath Alberto and Josan Nimes!

Monopoly Deal?Game on!!

Spent the whole night with my HS friends
After a few years of having a busy life in College, it feels so good to be with them again.

Happy 18th Birthday, Buddy Mara Payumo!
I hope you enjoyed your night!I love you!


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