Sundate Bondate

November 6, 2011

Spent the whole day with Mara Payumo!

Went to the Supersale Bazaar at the World Trade Center
Mara and I tried to look for clothes and accessories for her debut on Friday. Guess what? We bought 3 rings for 200 pesos.
We were a bit disappointed because most of the clothes and accessories were still expensive and the choices were also few (maybe because we went on the last day of the bazaar).

With one of my bestfriends, Mabel Munoz
It was really nice seeing my bestfriend after a loooong time. Can't wait to go out with her again soon. Thank you, Kiki!:)

Mabel Munoz and Yves Hizon
Hottest couple!

Right after the bazaar, Mara and I went to Rockwell for our date. We ate lunch, watched Praybeyt Benjamin(MUST WATCH!), and attended the 6pm mass. For dinner, we went to Metrowalk with Mara's family. Yoo-hoo! has the best Barbeque ever (MUST TRY!).

Favorite Praybeyt Benjamin lines:
Little sister: brownout?
Benjie(Vice Ganda): ay hindi sunrise

Benjie to his grandfather: Pag bakla salot agad?!
Little sister: 'di ba pwedeng malas muna?

Tricycle driver: magsusundalo ka?
Benjie: Ay hindi magaartista

It was a really fun and FUNNY Sunday!Thank you for spending the whole day with me, Mara!Hoping for more bondings soon :)


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