What to Wear: P.P.C.M.

Plain. Printed. Classic. Modern. 

Twin Dynamics
Angela Adriano and Kristine Chan
On Angela Adriano: Sheer blouse, black shorts, accessories, and pumps
On Kristine Chan: Sheer blouse,  black bandage skirt, accessories, and gladiator heels

Prints and Paws
Adonijah Domalanta and Roch de Mesa
On Ijah: Animal print romper, accessories and heels
On Roch de Mesa: Animal print top, black high waist shorts, accessories and Jeffrey Campbell inspired black boots

Have It Dotted
Anna Yulo and Sab Lee
On both: Polka dots printed blouse, black bandage skirt, acessories, and heels

Blair Waldorf
Meet the demure Mariel Vergara wearing a very elegant dark gray dress with matching blue purse, accessories, and black flat shoes.

Feather Mania
Minette del Rosario
Cream poncho top, black bandage skirt, hot pink feather necklace with pearls, and peep toe heels

Heels VS. Flats
Problem: Killer heels
Solution: Always bring flat shoes. 
(Good thing Debbie and I brought flat shoes/sandals. HAHA! )


  1. Just thought of dropping by your blog to check it out, and thank God that I did! Interesting posts and great photos you got here. Keep it up! xo

    Fashion blogger

  2. Wow!! Thanks itsNikki! :D I just started recently, and I'm really glad you liked my blog! Btw, I'm a fan of yours!! :D Thanks again! :)