A Rustic Kind of Morning

 38 OF 365

Since my bestfriend was about to leave for the US for a 2-week vacation, we spontaneously decided to spend breakfast together at this hidden home-like restaurant in Marikina called Rustic Mornings

The ambiance was very beautiful and nature-y. I loved their decorations since most of them were DIYs and paintings. :)

Here's a list of what we ordered:
Crispy Waffle (half ordinary, half churros)
Meat Lovers 3-egg Cheese Omelette 
Beef Tapa

So, what's my verdict?

Normally, a place as beautiful as this ends up with negative food reviews. But for Rustic Mornings, I say three thumbs up! Despite the slow service, their food was pretty good and servings were big enough for the price. Definitely worth wait. :)

Definitely a must try for all breakfast lovers!



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