Where's The Camel?

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Friday Friday gotta get down on Friday... lalala. The result of last night's 'mysterious' event. Well, a fun and challenging one I must say. :)

Before heading to Valkyrie, my friends and I attended a private event called The Golden Camel Auction. It was organized by JTI to also launch the Camel cigarette here in the Philippines. 

As soon as we entered the venue, we were given number boards and Php20,000 worth of cash (play money) for the bidding. There were a three minor items for auction: modern vinyl player, multi-functional music player (not sure about the product name HAHA) and, my favorite, vintage record player, and one grand item, which is the Golden Camel Sculpture. Sounds like an ordinary auction, right? Here's what happened during the awarding session:

We were having so much fun when the place just suddenly blacked out. The lights went back after a minute, but the Golden Camel was gone! Who could've stolen it and why?

...and the challenge begins!

In partnership with the first live escape game room in the Philippines, Mystery Manila and JTI challenged us to investigate and solve this case in groups for 45 minutes. We were given a case folder containing the information to further help us with the investigation, or maybe confuse us too? Aside from that, clues were hidden around the area, like batteries, letters, extra cash, and suspects were also available for interviews. 

Super exciting, right! 

Our team did not win but it was a great experience! Will definitely go to Mystery Manila to experience their other challenges soon! :)



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