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Sizzling Sinigang na Shortribs and Oyster Sisig

Ended my long and very busy day with a couple of friends at this new Filipino restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig called Locavore. Based on Wikipedia, Locavore is a term used for a person who is interested in eating food that is locally produced. The suffix 'vore' comes from the Latin word 'vorare', which means 'devour'. In short, time to eat local food! :D

Since we were a group of 5, we tried 4 of their best dishes so everyone could try each. Of course, we made sure to order their famous Sizzling Sinigang na Shortribs. All recommendations given by our server did not disappoint! Aside from their Sizzling Singang, I also loved their Sugpo Con Mayonesa. :)

Definitely a must try!



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