To Think, To Feel, To Do

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Pope Francis held his last two masses in Manila earlier today, wherein around 6 to 7 million filipinos went (according to Rappler) and waited for several hours to see him. Despite the very cold and rainy weather, it was still a very beautiful and peaceful last full day for him here in the Philippines.

His youth encounter at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila was my favorite. Why? Similar to his homily in Tacloban, it was simple and spontaneous yet very inspiring. You may refer to this link to read the full text of his message:

Here are only some of my favorite parts from his message:

"When the heart is able to ask itself and cry, then we can understand something."

"To learn how to love is the most important lesson in life."

"To think well, to feel well and to do well."

"Real love is about loving and letting yourselves be loved. It is important to let yourselves be loved by Him."

"Don't be frightened of surprises. They shake the ground, make us unsure but move us forward."

"Let us allow ourselves to be surprised by God."

Despite of not seeing him in person, I'm really glad that he came here in the Philippines. Perfect timing! Maybe I'll just see you next year, Pope Francis? :)



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