The Backyard

9 OF 365

To end my first week back at work, my friends and I went to this new restaurant in UP Town Center called Backyard Kitchen + Brew. We found the concept really interesting as the place looked like a farm and a backyard. Their tables and walls were decorated with wood and plants, lights with plates and buckets, and even a couple of ladders.

They also have good food! Here are some of the dishes that I tried with my bestfriend when we went there last December:

Waffle Breaded Fried Chicken ( P305) + 4 Cheese and Truffle Flatbread (P275)

Our ultimate favorite: Pizzookie (P385)

The size of their Pizzookie is good for sharing (3-4 persons depending on how much you love sweets). Since it was served on a hot plate, the cookie was soft and chewy. I found it a bit sweet but I think the texture helped balance everything.

While also I tried their Slow Roasted Pork Belly (P275) and flavoured beer (P100) last night. I was too hungry to take a photo. LOL. Their butterscotch and cucumber flavoured beers are a must try! :)

Hope your week went well! 
Happy weekend everyone! :)



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