Not So Sunny Sunday

On a Sunday, I would normally go to church and just bum the rest of the day.
Today, August 18, was a bit different. 

After mass, my friend and I went to Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio to celebrate his birthday. Since the weather was ridiculously cold and rainy (not really a fan of the rain), we tried this new and famous Ramen place called Wrong Ramen. There was a short line when we got there. So, we waited for a few minutes until it was already our turn. Plus points to the waiter for having good marketing skills.

After how many minutes of browsing the menu, we decided to order their Wrong Ramen Tonkotsu (Light), Tantanmen, and Lemon Grass Pandan Iced Tea.

While waiting, I observed their interior. It was pretty "chill" as my friend described. I liked their black walls, wooden blinds, spotlights, creative Ramen posters, paintings and even their Darth Vader action figure. Just the right place to eat Ramen.

I also noticed this super cool pepper container. At first I thought it was a real battery. I think I made a super weird face when I saw that thing. LOL. Now I think I want to buy one!

After a few minutes, finally here's my Tonkotsu Ramen (light). 
It was really good! Definitely worth the try. Pretty heavy for something called light though. LOL. 
Just kidding. The lightness just had something to do with the pork. 

A photo to describe my day. Ramen kind of day.



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