Kabog na KaVogue!

"Kabog na KaVogue!"
Exactly how I would describe the benefit fashion show made possible by the Sugay siblings yesterday, August 17. 
It was a long afternoon of preparation from lights, sounds, rehearsals, gown fitting, and to everything else.

Meet some of our beneficiaries with the beautiful Super Sireyna 2013 Grand Winner Francine Garcia a.k.a "Kim Chiu". The Golden Gays are the cutest!

Francine Garcia and Shandy Lim
It was a pleasure to meet these hot ladies. Love them both!

Aside from free hair and make-up (LOL), another thing I love about fashion shows: 
Meeting new and interesting people
Thank you for making this ramp modelling experience fun guys!

For the show proper, I was asked to model two gowns by two different designers:
Baby doll dress by Ella Santos
Wish I wore this dress to prom. So cute!!

Sexy black and white mermaid gown by Mara Chua
The most beautiful yet daring gown I wore in my entire life. 
 It was such a privilege to wear these beautiful creations.

I'm super glad to be a part of this event not only because I got to model designer gowns, but I also got to help the Golden Gays and the Sugay siblings. Such a great feeling to see them happy and excited.

Congratulations to everyone who worked hard for this benefit show! 
We surely made a lot of people happy. 

After the show,
My mom bought me my favorite cake from CBTL.
Why hello there Blueberry Cheescake! Thanks mom!!

Ended the night with a trial photo using my tito's pasalubong from Japan.
Can't wait to visit that country! So many interesting stuff to see (and buy LOL).

Hope you all had an interesting Saturday night too!



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