Do It All Again

Friday work made me feel like a college student again.

 So today, I went to work and wrote some posts for our blog. Yes essay writing (not really my thing). Weird how I don't like to write but I blog. LOL. 
Since this will be a regular thing from now on, I have to practice writing. 
I can do this!

Aside from that, I started watching Suits Season 2 earlier. 
(I just started watching Suits last week)
Oh my dream of becoming a lawyer. 

I would like to share this very nice quote from the episode I watched earlier:

"If we are busy hiding what we have done,
it leaves us vulnerable to anyone who discovers our secrets
and we become so consumed with keeping them
 that it is a slippery slope to doing even worst things."

Just something to ponder upon. 

Anyway, now it's already past 10pm and I'm about to sleep (lola mode).
I guess I had a long day reading and writing blog posts.
Time to rest! Tomorrow's going to be a very long day.
Can't wait for the KaVogue Benefit Fashion show!
See you guys there!
Enjoy the rest of the night.



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