Xocolat Summer

Katipunan hits
April 27, 2012
(photos taken and edited through Instagram)
So, this is what neighbors normally do on a Friday night.
I finally got to hangout with my neighbor/college friend after a very long time of planning.
Get Polished Nail Spa with my good friend, Mielle Zetha.

I decided to get neon pink and yellow because it's summer time!
I think I'm starting to love neon colors. Fun colors!

Xocolat Cafe

Aside from Banapple, I also love the Xocolat Cafe.
I discovered this place because my mom would always buy cake from the Xocolat Cafe and take it home. She told me that the place was so nice and that I could go there to study. Well, true enough! 

When I saw the place, it looked perfect for studying and relaxing because of the quiet, beach and vintage look of the place which added more to my interest since I'm a beach and vintage lover. My type of hangout spot alone or even with friends. Plus, they have free WIFI! I don't have to worry about surfing the internet. I just need to bring my laptop, and then voila!

Creamy Dory and Pork Belly
My friend and I got two different dishes so we could taste both.
They were both delicious, but I liked the pork belly more because of its sauce and the green thing (I don't know what they call it). The Creamy Dory tasted good too, most especially because of its pesto sauce.

Double Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and Red Velvet Cake
The Red Velvet Cake was scrumptious!! Must try!

Last car standing? LOL. 

It was a short bonding night with Mielle since I had to leave for Baler right away, but I had a lot of fun!
Until our next Katipunan trip!


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