Night Time

A very spontaneous Saturday
April 21, 2012
Rockwell and Fort Bonifacio

Finally watched "The Lucky One" with one of my close friends, Sophie Gianan. 
Zac Efron. Oohlala
We had Oliver's Super Sandwiches for dinner/movie snack. 
If you're a healthy eater, you should try their sandwiches.

Fort Bonifacio
ter the movie, we went straight to Fort Bonifacio to go to 7th High with some friends. Unfortunately, we arrived there too early so we just decided to stay at Jamba Juice.
It was our first time to try their chunky strawberry topper fruit & yogurt parfait. Yummy!

After 7th High, we went to Amber and Jill's.

I love being spontaneous. 
Good thing my parents aren't strict. ;)


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