One EPIC Summer Trip to BORACAY

Summer 2012
March 29- April 2, 2012
The Island of Boracay 
(Some photos were taken through Instagram)

Day 1

Zest Airways all the way!
My friends and I left Manila around 1pm, and then arrived at the Kalibo Airport around 2pm. 
While waiting for some friends, who were in the next flight, we had our late lunch at Nia's Bamboo Cuisine, Kalibo Airport. Their dishes were actually good and affordable. Just enough to fill our stomachs before a long road trip. 
Finally, they arrived! 
We left Kalibo around 3:30pm and rode the van to go to Caticlan Jetty Port. 2-hour road trip !
10 minutes boat ride to the Island of Boracay.

Hello Boracay!
Dinner by the beach.
Because we craved for something sweet. 

Guilly's night
DJ John Pinto!
Pancit canton in the middle of the night! 
I suddenly remembered my first ever Boracay trip with my friends. Hand made pancit canton. HAHA!

Our first night in Boracay was rainy but it did not stop us from having fun.
Take note: that was JUST our FIRST night. ;)

Day 2
Island hopping day!
Andok's for brunch!
 Puka Beach
I love this part of Boracay. So quiet and relaxing.
Frisbee time!
Competitive girls

StarWorld LUXE event
EPIC Boracay
It was an epic night indeed!

Another rainy night= WET & WILD!

Day 3
Party all day, all night!
Best chicken inasal I've ever tasted!

Magnum VIP Party
Tides Rooftop
DJ Callum in the house!
Rez of Somedaydream singing his famous song "Hey Daydreamer"
Frank Magalona
DJ Euric
Thanks for inviting us, Rez!
Starbucks for dinner

Last night with the boys!
Club Paraw
Yes, 25 pax!

FOX Party
EPIC Boracay

Day 4
Beach day

Saved the best for last!
Lemon Cafe with the crew
My favorite dish

Time for some water activities!
Flying Fish
Batch 1
The great fall. HAHA!
Rescue operation? HAHA!
Batch 2

Helmet Diving
Someone's having the time of his life. HAHA!
With my Boracay girls!

Sun-bathing with my girls while enjoying the happy hour

Meet my brother, Richard. 

Day 5

For our last day, we woke up early and had breakfast at the Real Coffee & Tea CafeReal Coffee & Tea Cafe is known for their most famous home-made calamansi muffin. MUST TRY! They also serve big dishes. Definitely worth the price. Anyway, after breakfast, we left Boracay right away.

Boat ride to Caticlan Jetty Port with some of my girls.


Goodbye Boracay! I'll see you again. Hopefully soon.

Wanna know what made our summer trip to Boracay epic?
Watch this:
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Tali Beach Batangas -> Baguio -> Boracay -> ??? 
I'm excited for our next trip!


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