A weekend of everything that flies

17th Philippine International 
Hot Air Balloon Festival
Clark, Pampanga
February 12, 2012

Another way to release stress, my friends and I went to Clark, Pampanga on a Sunday to attend the last day of the Hot Air Balloon Festival. We left Manila around 8am and arrived around 10am. When we got there, the traffic was horrible. Also, the hot air balloons weren't there anymore. It was too late when people told us that the hot air balloons left around 5am or 6am and they'll return around 6pm. Sad. Although the balloons weren't there anymore, we still went inside, met up with some friends, and took pictures. It felt like we went to a kite festival. LOL. 

I remember attending the Hot Air Balloon Festival with my family when I was still a kid. I even have pictures with the balloons! LOL. Oh well! At least next year we already know what time to go. HAHA!

We went for the kite festival. HAHA!
(L-R: Grayson Yanez, Roch de Mesa, Sharraine Murayama, Jeremy Yap, Mic Yu)
Sir yes sir!
Meet Potchi!
Yes, it's more fun in the Philippines!
The only hot air balloon we saw. LOL.

Out of disappointment, we left around 12nn and just ate lunch. Mila's sisig!! Nomnom. 2nd best sisig I've ever tasted. All natural! 

After lunch, we wanted to go to Subic but it was already too late. We ended up going to Nathaniel's to buy some pasalubong, and then headed back to Manila. Since it was too early to go home (yes, 4pm's still early for us on a Sunday. LOL.), we went to Eastwood to watch Safe House and eat dinner. The movie was really nice, well aside from the the fact that Ryan Reynolds was there. HAHA! His role was very much different compared to his other movies. Great job, Ryan Reynolds!

Thank you Mic Yu, Sharraine Murayama, Jeremy Yap, Grayson Yanes, and Kyle Yu for a very fun Sunday!

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  1. Gooooosh Beb! Mila's is sooo near our house! Pwede ko i-bike yan! -ate jess here