Loosen Up

Republiq Soiree Fridays!
February 10, 2012

Although our weekends were busy with school works and meetings, my college friends and I really wanted to do something fun and exciting to loosen up a bit. So, to end the week right and before another busy and stressful one, we've decided to go to Republiq to party the night away.  It was definitely an epic night filled with drinking and dancing! Oh yeah! For a moment, my stressed self just disappeared, and it felt great! I just love Republiq!

Special thanks to Kyle Yu for the guest list! CONGRATULATIONS! :)

On the way to Republiq with Adonijah Domalanta
Minette del Rosario and Angela Adriano
John Pinto and Charles Villacorta meeting new friends. LOL.
New Iligan friends! :)
(L-R: Iris Maligat, Tin Fregil, Franhzi Ferraris, Angela Adriano, Charles Villacorta, John Pinto and Florencio Caccam)
(L-R: Edgar Sarte, Charles Villacorta, Tin Fregil, Adonijah Domalanta, Angela Adriano, Roch de Mesa, Iris Maligat, and Ira Loyola)

P.S. Most photos are from Tin Fregil

Video to follow!


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