Directions here and there

This Christmas break, I've been spending a lot of time with a friend who became very close to me this year. We've attended the first few days of Simbang Gabi and even one Sunday mass together. 

Last December 19, 2011, while we were eating breakfast (right after the mass), it was really random,  but we both wanted to go somewhere, like watch a movie or go to the mall. We were too bored and we wanted to enjoy the break. So, we've decided to come up with options on what to do and where to go that day.

Option 1: Movies and mall? Nope. (There were only three movies showing that time)
Option 2: Divisoria? Nope. (Too many people)
Option 3: Taksiyapo Wall, Tarlac? Nope. (Uhm, directions please?)
Option 4: Tagaytay? YES! 

Finally, a decision was made!

Actually, at first, we were hesitant to go because, aside from it being a random trip, we did not really know where to go. And then, all of a sudden, we craved for Bulalo and MochikoIt was a very long drive from Katipunan to Tagaytay because we passed by a long and different direction, which was really fun! Adventure adventure adventure! Crazy how vehicles just park everywhere. They even occupied half of the road! Thank God my car was small.

My first time to drive to Tagaytay + my friend's first time to direct the way= Aaah! It was definitely an experience! We asked directions from people around the area, and voila! We got there just in time for lunch. 

One funny moment during our trip:

R and D: Kuya saan po daan papuntang Tagaytay?
Gas boy: *Telling us where to go*
R and D: Thank you po!
Gas boy: Ma'am, kambal po ba kayo?
So, when we reached Tagaytay we went straight to RSM Lutong Bahay to eat what we've been craving the whole morning!
Free Bulalo soup
Sizzling Bulalo (MUST TRY!) THE BEST!
Chow time!
Great view from our table
A very relaxing ambiance
It was a perfect lunch date!

Of course, we did not leave the place without taking pictures!
Now, time to meet my friend/ Halfy, Dana Kison! :)

We got hungry again after our bonding and photo sessions. HAHA! 
Mochiko time!

My favorite Green Tea Mochiko

We also enjoyed The Cliff House because of the chairs (yes, the chairs) and, most especially, the view. They also have nice restaurants and a basement hotel, which I'll try next time. 

That day was definitely one of the best! Thank you for a very spontaneous date, Halfy Dana Kison! More to come next year! ;)


  1. Eh grabe bakit parang muntik naman akong maiyak sa blog mo na 'to Halfy :') Seriously! HAHA. Sobrang, ♥ :"> What more is there to say? Photos have spoken :) Thank you also Halfy and I'm glad our friendship has gone this far! This is definitely somethin ♥ I love you! :*

  2. Hi Halfy! Hihi :"> May iyakan ba na magaganap? :)) Thank you! :D Yes yes! And we'll make this friendship last! <3 I love you too! :*