What To Wear: Baguio Style

Jesy Javier
"Rock N' Roll Speaks" black cropped tee, denim, gray sneakers, brown aviators, and black long shoulder bag

Roch de Mesa 
Round frame brown shades, brown feather earrings, black and white stripped sweater, Folded & Hung denim shorts, SM Department Store black stockings, Warehouse Olive Green Bag, ribbon and masquerade rings, red leather cuffs, and black doll shoes

Sharraine Murayama
Black Soft Cotton Jacket/Black and purple patterned scarf, white basic tank top, skin-tone skinny cotton leggings, and black suede boots

Minette del Rosario
Topshop denim jacket, black maxi dress, sandals, and small red sling bag

Mariel Vergara
White leather jacket, black basic sleeveless top, denim pants, vintage flats, and big black Longchamp bag

Debbie Taneo and Agi Recio
What most of us wore: Chill outfit
Left: Gray long-sleeves and aviator shades
Right: Army green 3/4 loose top and brown big-frame cat eye shades


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