Island Paradise

October 22-25, 2011

Day 1
NAIA 3 with Kyle Yu
Our flight from Manila to Kalibo was delayed for 30 minutes due to "air traffic".
Although the flight was delayed, we really had a good flight with Airphil Express. If you're looking for cheap and safe flights, visit Airphil Express
After 45 minutes, we finally reached Kalibo Airport. Availed a coaster and boat ride to Caticlan Jetty Port for 300 pesos/head (without the environmental fees). The 2-hour coaster ride to Caticlan Airport wasn't bad after all!When we reached the Jetty Port, we paid other fees and had a 15-minute boat ride to the Island of Boracay. 

Stayed at Eriko's house located along the shores of Boracay Beach between Station 1 and 2. Since we went there during the regular season, we got our room for only 1,500 pesos per night. The room was big enough for 4-6 people, and the comfort room was clean.

Ate Smoke Restaurant's famous Spicy Chili Chicken for my first dinner in Boracay

(L-R: Yssa Caballero, Mic Bueno, Ja Gonzales,Roch de Mesa)


After Club Paraw, it was already 3am and we've decided to buy inihaw and pancit canton. Went to Boracay Beach Club (Station 1) with Sharraine and Kyle to cook and eat.

Day 2
Best Chicken Inasal I've tasted so far!

(L-R: Yssa Caballero, Michelle Bueno, Roch de Mesa, Franhzi Ferraris, Kyle Yu, Ja Gonzales)

Bought feather earrings for 100-200 pesos

John Pinto and Kyle Yu

 What I love the most about Boracay

MicVi Yu and Sharraine Murayama like a married couple

With my girls

 Living and loving the Boracay life

Fire dance!

Day 3
Batman and Angel Wing Henna Tattoo

Lemon i Cafe
Pricey yet worth it!

Water Sports
 Jetski: 1, 700 pesos for 30 minutes

Flying Fish: 1, 500 pesos for 4-5 falls

Jonah's!They have the best fruitshakes sold for 90-120 pesos

Beach Frisbee

Night Swimming

 I <3 BBQ
A bit pricey but their steaks are really good!

Last night in Boracay!
"Adios Motherfucker"
The name says it all!

DJ John Pinto!

Free strawberry shots!

With my fellow Montessorians!

Meet our new found Taiwanese friend!

The waiting emoticon

Let's call it a night!

I'll be back soon, Boracay!
Thank you for making my first ever Boracay trip memorable Jamie Guzman, Kyle Yu, John Pinto, Franhzi Ferarris, Sharraine Murayama, and MicVi Yu.


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