The City of Baguio

FOUR Birthday celebrations IN ONE out-of-town trip
From Talifornia Girls to Baguiorls
October 17-19, 2011
Day 1/Night 1

After a 6-hour drive from Manila to Baguio....Welcome to Balay ni Tuazon 
(Germaine Tuazon's house)!


Chill night at the Gazebo
Top (L-R): Celine Cruz, Germaine Tuazon, Sharraine Murayama, Sab Lee
Bottom (L-R): Roch de Mesa, Jesy Javier, Mariel Vergara, Minette del Rosario, Jamie Guzman, Agi Recio

Drinking Jenga!You know the drill!

The Sab Lee Smile
Best Sab Lee smile look alike: Mariel Vergara
(L-R: Roch de Mesa, Sharraine Murayama, Mariel Vergara, Sab Lee, Jamie Guzman)

Played charades, cards, Monopoly Deal and Twister.

Day 2

Meet the Charlie's Angels
(L-R: Minette del Rosario, Mariel Vergara, Jesy Javier)

Burnham Park
Thumbs up for Baguio's Strawberry Taho!
Went to Good Shepherd to buy pasalubong and had our late lunch inside the van
I bought my favorite Alfajor (Caramel Sandwich Cookies)!

The famous Ukay-Ukay place in Baguio

Camp John Hay
The Celebrants
(L-R: Germaine Tuazon, Roch de Mesa, Sharraine Murayama, Agi Recio)

Monopoly Deal

Dinner time!!


Day 3

Happy Birthday, Sharraine Murayama!!!

Blame it on the booze!

 Had a very fun out-of-town trip with my friends! Thank you for those who celebrated with me, Agi Recio, Germaine Tuazon, and Sharraine Murayama. We really appreciated it. Looking forward to our next trips!
Last treat,
Watch this

Much love, Roch de Mesa


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